by admin September 30, 2008 at 8:50 pm

TorChat is a peer to peer instant messenger with a completely decentralized design, built on top of Tor’s location hidden services, giving you extremely strong anonymity while being very easy to use without the need to install or configure anything.

TorChat just runs from an USB drive on any Windows PC. (It can run on Linux and Mac too, in fact it was developed on Linux with cross platform usability in mind from the very first moment on, but the installation on other platforms than Windows is a bit more complicated at the moment)

Tor location hidden services basically means:
• Nobody will be able to find out where you are.
• If they are already observing you and sniff your internet connection they will not be able to find out:
 Ã‚· what you send or receice
 Ã‚· to whom you are sending or receiving from
 Ã‚· where your contacts are located

Download: TorChat