Toricxs MP3/WMA/WAV Renamer 1.2

by admin March 2, 2009 at 8:42 pm

Toricxs MP3/WMA/WAV Renamer (freeware)

Toricxs is a tool to clean up the appearance (file name/tag) of your wma, mp3 and wav files. You put in crap and out comes an automatically (without your help) well-formatted wma/mp3/wav collection. Toricxs is tag editor, wma/mp3/wav renamer and -organizer in one product. It can create TAGs out of file names.

Toricxs’ intelligent cleaning algorithms will read in file name and TAG data, format it, display it to you so that you can do changes also manually (if you want) and then all of your wma/mp3/wav files will be renamed, an mp3 v1 and v2 TAG/WMA TAG will be written and optionally your files are moved to sub directories named for instance like the files’ artist or album.

Download: Toricxs MP3/WMA/WAV Renamer 1.2