TrackerV3 4.20.0078

by admin November 28, 2005 at 12:59 pm

TrackerV3 is an Advanced File System Explorer. It comes with a Windows Explorer-like interface but a far broader scope: you get much more information and you get it all on the fly, plus variously enhanced functionality and ease of use, extended file find, reporting features, multimedia preview, and ASCII/binary file view.

The program design follows a Keep It Simple philosophy: the interface is kept as plain and intuitive as possible, and does not confront you with an overload of buttons, toolbars, or menus. Since it closely adheres to the look and feel standards known from Explorer, you’ll need no time at all to start working, and only a few minutes to get familiarized with the additional features. Contrary to other Explorer replacements, TrackerV3 is very small, very fast, and uses very little memory resources. But there’s a lot of power under the hood…
TrackerV3’s core mission is Finding Files. Hence the name.

View: features | Requirements: Win98/NT/Me/2000/XP* Free for non-commercial use only.

Download: TrackerV3 4.20.0078