Transporter P2P 6.0

by admin April 11, 2008 at 3:21 pm

Transporter P2P is a Non-Server Based file sharing, and messenger program, designed for use over local area networks, and the internet.

-Messages can be sent to one or more contacts at the same time, with full font support.
-Folders and Files can be transferred, with Automatic Acceptance options, as well as Automatic Folder and File Resuming, to resume a previously incomplete transfer.
-Extremely large file support; supports file and folder sizes up to 16 exabytes
-Sharing Folders and Drives with contacts is easy, and each contact can have their own list of shared folders; Global shares can also be created, which all contacts can access.
-You can view who is browsing your shared folders, and even kick users while they are browsing your files.
-Viewing a contacts shared files is easy; there is full browsing and search support, with wildcards, and subfolder searching.
-All socket data is encrypted with a proprietary stream cipher encryption, a key for the encryption is definable in the options menu,
(details about the encryption is still pending release, once the whitepaper is completed, it will be publicly released.)
-Folder transfers start sending folder data immediately, and counts the size of the folder while its transferring the contents of the folder, this tremendously increases the speed of large folder transfers; (Unlike windows native file sharing, which must count each file in the folder before beginning the send process.)

Feature List

-Non-Server Based, Direct P2P communication.
-Single TCP port for all communications; Chatting, File Transfers, Folder Browsing, ect.
-Drag and Drop support; drag and drop files or folders onto the main dialog contact list, or chat dialog, to send files.
-Extremely large file support; supports file and folder sizes up to 16 exabytes.
-Automatic Reverse Socket Connections to overcome connections behind firewalls and routers.
-Multiple socket spawning, and multiple thread spawning to increase file transfer speeds.
-Automatic file and folder transfer resuming, to pickup failed transfers where they left off.
-Folder and Drive sharing, with the ability to share specific folders with specific contacts, or global folders with all contacts.
-Full feature file and folder search support, supporting wildcards, and subdirectory searching.
-Proprietary stream cipher encryption with user definable keys.

System Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Up.

Download: Transporter P2P 6.0