Tsunami 'hacker' gets IT security day job

by admin November 12, 2005 at 3:25 am

“His integrity has never been called into question”

When Daniel Cuthbert was convicted last month of gaining unauthorised access to a Tsunami fund-raising website, many people – including the trial judge – suspected his career in the IT industry was over.

These fears were unfounded, though. Cuthbert is hard at work at Corsaire, a UK security company.

Martin O’Neal, director at Corsaire, confirmed on Friday that Cuthbert had actually joined the company before his trial. O’Neal, though, isn’t worried that one of his employees is a high-profile breaker of the Computer Misuse Act (CMA).

O’Neal said: “The reason being, we’ve known Daniel for a long time. He was well-known in the security industry, even before the case. His integrity has never been called into question.”

Cuthbert was found guilty under the CMA of gaining unauthorised access to the Tsunami appeal site. He claimed in court he had made a donation and then became concerned that he’d fallen victim to a phishing scam. To check, he added ../../../ to the URL in an attempt to access the site’s higher directories – an action that triggered an alarm.

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