by admin June 18, 2009 at 5:02 pm

TWEAK – The Windows Environment and Application Konfigurator

TWEAK configures and manages Windows (for performance, usability and security); various software applications and hardware drivers; desktop, Start Menu and Quick Launch shortcuts; file type associations; services; and permissions.

Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP default performance, usability and security can be much improved upon. Configuring Windows and software applications can be time consuming, especially if you manage lots of computers and users. This program (by itself and by using some other programs) tweaks the Windows user interface and system configuration; configures applications and driver software; and manages icons/shortcuts, file and directory permissions and file type associations by making automated changes to the Windows registry and file system, in accordance with Configuring Windows 2000/XP for Performance, Usability and Security (and more, as described in TWEAK’s changelog).

TWEAK works with Windows 2000 and XP (32-bit version). Windows configuration changes are made with respect to the default settings Windows installs with. The applications TWEAK configures are Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, IrfanView, Sun Java Runtime Environment, Adobe Reader and Eraser.

Download: TWEAK