Ubiquitous Player 0.999.8

by admin September 21, 2009 at 3:52 pm

Portable multimedia, audio, video, mp3 player, image and text viewer, filemanager.

Ubiquitous Player is All-In-One multimedia player, web browser, image viewer, text editor and file manager.

It allows:
1) to watch video files
2) to listen to your mp3 and CD music (including playback from folders)
3) to view images
4) to edit your texts and use notes
5) to make simple HTML pages (with tags highlighting)
6) to rename/copy/move/navigate your files (file manager)
7) to use built-in web browser
8) to manage your Internet favorites
9) to use magnifying glass
10) to play some games
11) and more

Ubiquitous Player supports (and partially supports) such types of files: BMP, ICO, WMG, EMG, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML, MHT, MPG, MPE, AVI, WMV, WMA, ASF, MP3, TXT, RTF, WAV, PPL and partially MOV and PDF

100% portable. It doesn’t need installation and can be run directly from a USB device.

Download: Ubiquitous Player 0.999.8