by admin March 10, 2008 at 5:21 pm

Speed, safety and simplicity are the essence of UBT. UBT is optimized for backup to external drives via USB2 or to alternate HD drives but it works with other configurations.

· A new and highly efficient backup solution based on file signatures: it uses an optimized version of the MD5 algorithm to calculate a unique signature for each file.
· Completely reliable. Recovers perfectly from outages during operation. Copying of files and data is managed by an advanced database engine with transaction commitment and roll-back, preventing data corruption due to power outages, system crashes, etc.
· UBT is based on industry standards to ensure compatibility with future versions of operating systems and hardware.
· Full backups every time — does away with incremental backups and the associated hassle during restore.
· Easy and intuitive to use. One simple intuitive interface provides all the power.
· Complete control over the backup process and management of past backups via the same interface.
· Fast — full backups in minutes and it gets faster.
· Less space — the space required is dramatically reduced by UBT’s approach. Entire folders are backed up in minimum space.
· Completely compatible with other backup tools (does not use or change the archive bit).
· Very effective in mission critical environments, where downtime must be minimized.
· No problem backing up multiple machines to the same external drive via a USB2 port (simply install UBT on each machine and create a separate backup path).

Download: UBT