Unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar throws in the towel

by admin December 18, 2009 at 8:58 pm

Pesky would-be Mac clone maker Psystar said Friday it plans to close shop immediately, this following a definitive court ruling earlier this week preventing the company from shipping Apple’s Mac OS X operating system on its third party systems.

Eugene Action, an attorney for the Doral, Fla.-based firm, told Dow Jones Newswire that Psystar President Rudy Pedraza will be “shutting things down immediately.”

“They will not be in business,” he added, noting that the company also intends to fire its eight employees.

Word of the shuttering comes roughly two weeks after Psystar said it would halt all hardware sales related to its unauthorized Mac clone business. It brings to a close a near 18-month legal saga that began in April of 2008 when the then little-known firm first began touting a $400 Mac clone via its website.

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