UniDream PowerSee 4.0 Beta

by admin November 27, 2006 at 8:04 am

UniDream PowerSee (PS) offers highly efficient tools for you to browse your digital photos and windows media files. Its annotation feature has the ability to add comments including fonts, keywords, URL, custom play intervals and transition effects, as well as voice comments. They also give you the ability to search your photos or media files based on their comments and keywords. You can rename, rotate, resize, convert, print and watermark your photos in multiple folders in one step. PS incorporates normal file operations (copy, move, drag and drop), photo enhancements, and web album generator.

It offers a unique “Photo cart” tool allowing you to pick up your favorite photos or media files as you browse and store them in the “carts” temporarily so that you can check them out later. PS’s AUTORUN album CD feature releases you from the painful process of creating autorun CDs for your digital photos. You can easily convert your photo carts or autorun CDs into movies or executables. PS provides everyday tools for non-professional users and many attractive features for professional photographers. PS is an excellent candidate for OEM bundling with digital cameras, scanners, CD or DVD writers, and CD burning software to add additional value.

Download: UniDream PowerSee 4.0 Beta