Uninstall Manager 3.5

by admin October 14, 2009 at 3:02 pm

Uninstall Manager is a tool for managing the windows software packages. You can display all registered deinstallations and launch the deinstallation or setup of any program.

The program is similar to the Windows “add or remove software” control panel, yet it offers quite many advantages:

– Searching and filtering of uninstallation entries by entering search strings into the filter box.
– You can sort the list of software packages by their installation date. Using this standard sort order you can see immediately, which software has been installed recently.
– The sort order can also be changed to any of the other displayed attributes.
– Launching the program and displaying the list of installed programs is much faster than that of the control panel.
– Removing orphaned deinstallation entries from the registry. (access this function using the right mouse button to display the context menu) show/hide system packages displaying additional information
– Export the software list in XLS and CSV format

Download: Uninstall Manager 3.5