UniPro UGENE 1.5.1

by admin August 11, 2009 at 11:25 pm

UniPro UGENE: Integrated Bioinformatics Tools
UGENE is an open-source bioinformatics project

The ultimate goal of the project is to integrate popular bioinformatics tools and algorithms within a single visual interface that can be easily used by molecular biologists


User Interface:

 Ã‚· Visual and interactive process of analysis
 Ã‚· Workflow Designer to create computational workflows
 Ã‚· High-quality, publication ready visualization
 Ã‚· Native look-and-feel on Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS

Design and extensibilty:

 Ã‚· A script language to create new tasks and GUI elements
 Ã‚· Support for pluggable modules
 Ã‚· Active computational tasks do not block user interface

Hardware scalability:

 Ã‚· Supports most of modern hardware:
all modern 32/64-bit Intel and AMD processors,
IBM Cell and Sun Sparc processors

 Ã‚· Customizable algorithms library:
for multicore computers, GPU blocks,
high performance clusters

Availability and cooperation:

 Ã‚· Free and open source
 Ã‚· Can be used for education in schools and universities
 Ã‚· Features to be included into the next release are initiated by users

Unipro UGENE works on Windows XP/Vista, MacOS X PPC/x86 based Macs and Linux.

Download: UniPro UGENE 1.5.1