µPlayer Beta

by admin September 25, 2008 at 12:32 am

dBpoweramp Renaissance is a revitalization of dAP (dBpoweramp Audio Player), re-built from the ground up with specific unique goals (think high end Sonos or Squeezebox).

µPlayer is designed to be the most efficient (in terms of memory footprint and resources used) audio player ever designed, featuring:

– Gapless playback
– ReplayGain [under development]
– Multi Audio Collection Aware
– Multi Zone Capable
– Wave, DirectX, ASIO, WDM and Apple Airport outputs [under development]

Gapless playback: sample perfect decoding of mp3, Ogg and of course any lossless format.

Multi Audio Collection Aware: uPlayer works with multiple audio collections, queue files for one collection and with the same player que a separate list of files under a different name. Assign multiple output zones to a single collection.

Multi Zone Capable: µPlayer is able to play the same audio perfectly synced through multiple sound cards. In addition a multi channel sound card will be able to be split into individual zones (ie 7.1 card split into 3 or 4 2 channel zones) [splitting is under development]

Putting Multi Audio Collection / Zones together – think of a whole home system, 4 or 5 zones, one persons audio collection could be playing through-out all downstairs zones, upstairs another persons audio collection can play. All these zones are handled internally from a single efficient program – uPlayer could playback 20 independent streams using less memory and resources than a typical player.

µPlayer is a command line player, it is able to interface programmatically with external ‘controlling’ programs, or interact with simple command line switches.

µPlayer will run on Windows Vista / XP / 2000

By default uPlayer can decode: Apple Lossless, FLAC, mp3, m4a, Wavpack, Wave. Other codecs install from Codec Central.

Download: µPlayer Beta