USAPhotoMaps 2.77

by admin January 25, 2008 at 1:49 pm

USAPhotoMaps downloads USGS aerial photo and topo map data from Microsoft’s free TerraServer Web site, saves it on your hard drive, and creates maps with GPS accuracy. You can:

– Scroll and zoom
– See latitude/longitude
– See USGS Landmarks
– See TIGER/Line streets
– See elevation and contour lines
– Add waypoints, routes, and text
– Go to any address, populated place, USGS landmark, or lat/lon in the U.S.A.
– Transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes to and from most GPS receivers
– See your GPS location
– Receive/Transmit ham radio APRS data
– And much more…

Download: USAPhotoMaps 2.77