UVC 5.0

by admin July 12, 2007 at 12:15 pm

The UVC Collaboration Suite is software that contains all the functionality of a personal information manager combined with the convenience of an instant messenger. UVC brings together teams of people and allows them to work together seamlessly. Take the leap from traditional desktop contact managers and start experiencing a new level of software freedom.

The UVC Advantage
:: Setup group meetings with your colleagues
:: Coordinate your calendar and tasks with your office assistant
:: Work on any type of project with your team
:: Track resource allocations and time availability
:: Share your contacts and prospects
:: Assign tasks to your colleagues and track status
:: Get instant access to all your relevant information
:: Retrieve data from anywhere you can access the Internet worldwide
:: Have an audio and video chat with your friends
:: Organize your life on both a personal and a professional level

UVC is a Java based application and requires a Java Runtime Environment Version 1.4 or higher to be installed on your computer.

Download: UVC 5.0 | Screenshots Windows, Mac OS X, Linux