vasFMC 2.0 Alpha 9

by admin May 6, 2009 at 4:12 pm

vasFMC is a free, open source Flight Management System (FMS) for Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2002/FS2004/FSX and X-Plane Win32/Mac/Linux based on the FMS used in many Airbus and Boeing models.

Some of its features are:

– Airbus and Boeing styles.
– Special Airbus Throttle and Thrust handling, support for Airbus throttle detents.
– Fly by wire system tuned for the Project Airbus ( models.
– Runs as a separate program or as a FS9 gauge, the gauge version comes with the Ken Mitchell Airbus panel.
– Flight planning, including SID/STAR and named airways.
– Data entry from either PC keyboard or MCDU virtual keys.
– Autopilot heading (LNAV) control (similar to GPS nav mode in MSFS). Vertical navigation (VNAV) is not yet implemented but is planned in a future release.
– Uses latest navaid/fix database from
– Navigation display with selectable modes: flight plan path, ILS or VOR rose.
– Top of climb (TOC), top of descent (TOD) and end of descent (EOD) estimation and display.
– Primary flight display (PFD) showing attitude, IAS, pressure and radio altitude, vertical speed and autopilot status.
– Two display styles for Nav Display and PFD.
– Engine status display.
– Navaid (VOR/NDB) tuning by either frequency or navaid name.
– Date/time synchronization with the real world.
– Communicating with the MS flight simulator through the free version of Peter Dowson’s FSUIPC interface (not included).
– Communicating with X-Plane through custom plugin with CAN Aerospace technology.
– Supported by 3rd party flight planners like FSBuild.
– Online weather and flightplan access.
– More to come…

Download: vasFMC 2.0 Alpha 9