VH Multi Camera Studio 1.1.0

by admin May 17, 2009 at 6:10 pm

VH Multi Camera Studio (VHMultiCam) is a tool which allows to mix, synchronize, split and share any media or screen content. It allows to render unlimited video & image files and live video sources (including VHScrCap) at the same time, sync media streams with each other, control positions and z-order. Finally it allows to split video mixer result between several applications (using VHMultiCam video source), so it can replace tools which allow to split video devices to some applications. It is possible to create two and more VHMultiCam tool instances, but video source will connect only to selected as “default”.

VH Multi Cam is Skype and Flash compatible and can be used to share desktop, media files, etc. It can be used with any other DirectShow-based tools.

VH Multi Cam is а freeware.

Download: VH Multi Camera Studio 1.1.0