VIA’s Nano family of chips put to the test

by admin May 30, 2008 at 12:11 pm

Earlier today, VIA Technologies made public details on its new Nano processing chip family that comprises five processors. VIA claims improved performance compared to its own C7 processors, and has provided test results it says prove the fact. The competition is also squarely in sights, as the Nanos’ x86 instruction set allows it to run the same software as Intel’s Atom and AMD Celeron M CPUs, with which the Nano was designed to compete. Performance comparisons are already surfacing from independent sources.

When benchmarked against similar competitors running at 1.6GHz, like Intel’s Atom CPU, AMD’s Celeron M and VIA’s own C7-M, the floating-point math coprocessor rated second only to the Celeron, and just edged out the Intel chip.

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