VideoTag 0.43

by admin March 25, 2009 at 4:20 pm

An AtomicParsley GUI for Windows, targeted at tagging MP4 Video TV Shows for the iPod and AppleTV, especially the tags you don’t have access to in iTunes.

VideoTag is a front end to Atomic Parsley to make batch tagging of TV Shows on your video iPod much easier.

The program currently has the following features:

– Edit the stik tag, or “Video Type” in iTunes. Choose from Movie, Normal, Music Video and TV Show
– Set the broadcast date, and includes a button to automatically add 7 days from the last broadcast date
– Drag and drop files straight onto VideoTag to add them to the edit list
– Autofill the TV Show Name (allows auto-fill of all loaded shows with a particular name)
– Season Number (allows auto-fill of all loaded shows with a particular season number)
– Episode Title (derived from the file name if blank)
– Autmatic Episode Numbering (You can drag and drop the loaded files into the correct order, then auto-fill the episode number)
– Add an Episode Summary viewable in iTunes
– Embed cover artwork in the video itself
– VT has the ability to add or edit most of the tags supported by AtomicParsley, with the rest to follow soon

Download: VideoTag 0.43