VioLet Composer 0.56 Alpha

by admin October 21, 2007 at 2:44 pm

VioLet Composer is a tool for writing music from scratch using only a single x86 compatible PC with a soundcard. Besides providing a complete composing toolkit in one application, VioLet Composer has the following advantages over other products:

Open Source: VioLet Composer is completely open source, written in C#. This, along with a design philosophy that envisages future expansion in all areas, means it has much greater scope for future expansion than a share-ware or even a commercial product.

Modular: VioLet Composer allows third parties to improve the program by plugging in new sound processing extensions, which can be developed at run-time using the application itself. The source code itself also allows for easy future expansion by third-parties.

Wavelet Based: Using wavelets as the basis for audio processing (as well as ‘normal’ PCM) and using not two but four machine types to do out-of-order sound processing allows for a huge range of new and interesting techniques and effects.

3D Sound: Using 3D events internally and then downmixing to the user’s hardware allows for complete spatial representation without requiring any extra hardware, and the ability to output video data in similar fashion is planned for later development.

Download: VioLet Composer 0.56 Alpha