VIP Torrent 2.3

by admin August 30, 2008 at 7:05 pm

VIP Torrent offers cutting-edge technology and charges you nothing! It’s a totally FREE program, implementing the BitTorrent protocol and written in Java, suited for getting the most out of a download experience.

With VIP Torrent you can use either its embedded tracker or an external one. It is designed to connect to multiple networks at the same time. An attractive, straightforward interface turns searching into joy, plus, downloading is quick and without problems. It features a very useful health button which allows you to see the status of each of your download file and also a send-to-friend button which enables this option via e-mail, blog entry or webpage.

You will soon come to appreciate the quality this application offers, FREE FROM ANY ADWARE and SPYWARE!

Download: VIP Torrent 2.3