Vista still requires antivirus, Microsoft stresses

by admin November 14, 2006 at 4:18 am

Windows boss Jim Allchin backtracks on security remarks

Windows chief Jim Allchin has clarified recent comments about Windows Vista security, stressing that the new operating system does require antivirus software.

“I want to be clear that most users will use some form of antivirus software, and that will be appropriate for their scenarios,” Allchin wrote on the Windows Vista blog.

Microsoft’s co-president of platform and services responded to media reports last week quoting him as saying that Vista’s enhanced security meant that it did not need antivirus software.

Allchin claimed that his remarks were taken out of context. “I made a comment about how attacks on the internet are getting more and more sophisticated, and some of the security features in Windows Vista really help our customers,” he said.

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