Vista to be last of its kind?

by admin December 14, 2006 at 7:18 am

Gartner has released a list of predictions for 2007 that include the claim that Vista is likely to be the last major release of a Windows operating system.

Future operating systems, the analyst company predicts, will be more ‘modular’ and will be automatically updated incrementally.

Simply put, this means that the basic components of the operating system would be downloaded from the internet on a basis that was dictated by individual users and put an end to the mass deployments of new operating systems that we currently see. Users would then download updates and add-ons as and when they needed to.

This is not necessarily bad news for Microsoft, though. Gartner said that the software giant would “be a visible player in this movement, and the result will be more flexible updates… and a new focus on quality overall.”

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