Vista Transformation Pack 1.1 Update

by admin October 14, 2005 at 4:24 pm

Since November 2002 when first well known Longhorn build (3683) was leaked. It’s very exciting news with many passions to own Longhorn look in XP. March 2003, Windows X started making full Longhorn Transformation Pack secretly but with some problems that he couldn’t solve it, he paused it for a while. In April 2003, Windows X revealed his Longhorn Transformation Pack in forum and release it in the next month. It’s been two and half year with this project that keep growing every single day. and now this project is changed to new name to Vista. As usual, this time it has new feature to try out which users don’t need to spend much time transforming their OS anymore. This will make it all done in single launch! Get this brand new look transformation pack today!

Download Vista Transformation Pack 1.1 Update: Techconnect Magazine