VMware Virtual Machine Importer 2.0

by admin December 2, 2006 at 3:44 am

Convert and Move Virtual Machines into the Latest VMware Products

VMware Virtual Machine Importer 2 is the latest utility for IT professionals and software developers & testers working with virtual machines. VMware Virtual Machine Importer is a freely available, stand-alone utility to import virtual machines from a variety of source formats into most VMware product environments.

VMware Virtual Machine Importer 2 allows you to:
• Move virtual machines across test/development and production environments based on different virtualization products, or managed separately.
• Convert virtual machines for use across different VMware product formats.
• Create VMware virtual machines from third-party system images such as Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery (formerly known as Livestate) and Microsoft Virtual Server.
• Populate new virtual machine environments quickly from the large directory of virtual machine appliances.

VMware Virtual Machine Importer works in three simple steps:
1. Specify the source virtual machine or system image to import.
2. Specify the destination format, virtual machine name, and location for the new virtual machine being created.
3. Virtual Machine Importer automates the virtual machine creation and conversion process.

Download: VMware Virtual Machine Importer 2.0