VOIP Caller-ID Speak 1.1

by admin February 20, 2008 at 6:09 pm

VOIP Caller-ID Speak is a talking Caller-ID for your VOIP phone!
No VOIP settings to configure or setup, everything is configured automatically, You just select the network card which is connected to the internet.

Works for softphones, and will also work for ATA/Router based hardware VOIP phones. The program does not have to run on the computer with your VOIP softphone! It can run on any computer on the network, which shares the same internet connection as your VOIP softphone, or hardware VOIP phone.

Note: In order for the program to work with hardware based VOIP ATA/Routers, the program must be running on a computer which is on the WAN (internet) side of the VOIP router. One example setup would be; you have a Wireless Router, and it directly connects to your dsl or cable internet at your house, and your VOIP ATA/Router WAN port is connected to the output of your wireless router, with the correct ports forwarded to your VOIP ATA/Router.

The program uses WinPcap drivers and packet sniffing to automate everything for you, you must install WinPcap to use the program. WinPcap is free.

– Speaks Caller ID, and Speaks Call-Waiting Caller-ID.
– Will work on any computer on the network.
– Will work on multiple computers simultaneously.
– No VOIP settings to configure or setup.
– Works for any VOIP service.
– Uses Windows XP or Vista speech engine. (You can download more voices for Windows from Microsoft’s website)

Download: VOIP Caller-ID Speak 1.1