VoIP sounds death knell for home phones

by admin June 15, 2006 at 11:04 am

Voice over IP wielding the knife, says analyst

VoIP technology spells the end of traditional home telephone numbers, according to an industry analyst.

A study by JupiterResearch claims that the rise in fixed/mobile telephone services appeals strongly to Europeans, and that location will cease to be important for either making or receiving calls.

The report said that 27 per cent of consumers are already interested in regularly using their mobile phone in place of their home telephone.

“VoIP will convert the home telephone from analogue to digital and, once digital, the home telephone number will become unfixed,” said Ian Fogg, lead author of the reports and senior analyst at JupiterResearch.

“It will no longer be available just at home, but in the office, in internet cafes and even on mobile phones.”

Fogg explained that VoIP telephony is attractive to consumers because services are cheap and flexible.

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