VSuite Ramdisk 1.14.2017.1955

by admin October 19, 2009 at 3:56 pm

Nowadays the performance of a computer’s main component like CPU, RAM, mainboard or video card improve very fast. However hard disk, one of the main components, improve very slowly because it relies on mechanical parts while other components that process data are entirely electronic. It is becoming a main bottleneck degrading the computer’s whole performance, especially in applications such as network server systems, large image processing and 3D games.

VSuite Ramdisk is a simple-to-use solution for hard-disk bottleneck issue. It employs smart software algorithm, which effectively and efficiently simulates a hard disk using existing RAM. Because the speed of RAM is so much faster than most kinds of storage, this greatly sppeds up your computer with reduced access time to files, which in turn, shows a huge improvement in overall performance.

Because of the volatility of RAM, VSuite Ramdisk provides lots of image file features to permenantly store/restore data to/from non-volatile media.

VSuite Ramdisk, in addition provides solution for the well-known “4GB RAM in 32-bit Windows” issue, thereby allowing all of its installed RAM to be fully utilised.

VSuite Ramdisk is widely used in a lot of regions, especially in the areas such as network servers, 2D/3D designs or mass data processing systems.

Free Edition only supports Windows 2000/XP (32-bit)/2003 (32-bit).

Download: VSuite Ramdisk Free 1.14.2017.1955