Vulnerability found in PowerPoint

by admin October 16, 2006 at 5:19 am

A security flaw has been found in Microsoft Office’s presentation software, PowerPoint, that could leave a PC vulnerable to attack if exploited. A member of Microsoft’s security team posted a message on the company’s blog late last week stating that it was aware of the existence exploit code.

Alexandra Huft of Microsoft said it had “been made aware of proof-of-concept code published publicly affecting Microsoft Office 2003 PowerPoint,” and added that it was currently investigating the reports.

Proof-of-concept code is generally created by security researchers in order to bring a company’s attention – in this case Microsoft’s – to flaws in its software. As yet, no malicious use of the code has been reported.

“We are not aware of any attacks attempting to use the reported vulnerability or of customer impact at this time,” said Huft.

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