WebMaestro 1.17

by admin March 24, 2007 at 10:47 am

WebMaestro – The Webmaster’s Best Friend

WebMaestro models the process, by presenting a menu of local files, and uploading them to the server on command. Even better, it tracks changes to your files so you don’t have to.

?Ǭ? Uploads files to a web server on a background thread, via FTP. Any number of files can be queued, and will upload one after the next until the job is finished.
?Ǭ? Tracks which files need to be uploaded.
?Ǭ? Search the files in your site by keyword.
?Ǭ? A built-in web browser to verify the changes you’re publishing.
?Ǭ? A page text analyzer, to help determine search keywords and help enforce stylistic consistency.

The software is pretty straight-forward and easy to use, although it has some interesting functionality. WebMaestro is freeware, with no registration.

Download: WebMaestro 1.17