Webmasters pick fight with Zango adware

by admin October 28, 2006 at 12:35 pm

Webmasters redirecting users, encouraging removal of program

A grassroots effort by web developers is targeting users of adware program Zango and drawing a sharp response from the application’s creator.

The campaign, apparently started by adult webmaster resource site Greenguy and Jim, centres around webmasters installing a script on their web page that detects Zango and redirects the user to a page warning them about the application.

The page, which has a large red biohazard sign next to the words “Zango Warning”, tells users that their PCs have been “infected with ZangoSearch”. The site warns users that the application may try to log keystrokes and mouse movements and then says “We as a whole, believe this is a scourge that needs to be fought at the grassroots level. When you allowed this toolbar to be installed on your PC, you inadvertently agreed to allow Zango to do this to you.” Beneath the warning is a detailed description of how to remove Zango from a PC.

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