Welcome to Microsoft Games For Windows Live, Now For Free

by admin July 23, 2008 at 4:22 pm

You know that absence-of-any-news-whatsoever sound (kind of like a tree falling in the woods) that’s dogged Microsoft’s $50 Games for Windows Live online multiplayer service for PCs? The service much-ballyhooed by Microsoft back in May 2007 with the PC debut of Halo 2, but which pretty much fell off the radar after perquisites like “You mean I have to pay for multiplayer services that used to cost nada?”

Well now it’s free. As in no more $50 Gold-tier subscription fee if you’re not already an Xbox 360 Gold member. As in no more quibbling about pay-for multiplayer matchmaking, achievements, and cross-platform gameplay.

As in: Bravo, Microsoft.

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