Whisher 3.0

by admin March 5, 2008 at 4:26 pm

1-Click WiFi Access Worldwide

Use Whisher to share your WiFi with others and get free access wherever you find other Whisher members. Residential WiFi connections are everywhere. If only a small share of these connections would be shared, it would create a universal network.

This is what Whisher is doing: by aggregating all WiFi connections people have at home, we are creating the world’s biggest free WiFi network.

It’s easy, safe and you don’t have to replace your existing WiFi equipment, it works with all routers and access points!

Simply register your home WiFi network by using Whisher’s software and start connecting.

Commercial Hotspots: Use Whisher to get access in hotels, airports and restaurants.

You can now connect by the minute, without monthly subscriptions or setup fees in more than 60’000 hotspots around the world including Starbucks, Accor hotels, Best Western hotels, and more!

Charge your account with WiFi Out credit and connect whenever you need it. When you don’t connect, you simply don’t pay.

Download: Whisher 3.0 Windows XP, Mac (Coming soon!)