Who did Apple hurt with its Macworld announcements?

by admin January 7, 2009 at 9:49 pm

In yesterday’s keynote address at Macworld, Apple unveiled a series of software product upgrade that will potentially encroach on the territory of a handful of startups and larger companies. Should you be worried?

What iPhoto might maim

For starters, one of the big announcements revolved around changes to iPhoto, which, sometime this month, will add people- and geo-tagging functionality. The people tagging works via Apple’s automatic and adaptive facial recognition software, which you’ll find is pretty spiffy — unless you happen to be running the startup iLovePhotos, which has been doing pretty much the same exact thing, specifically for Mac users, for free.

But one doesn’t have to dig so deep into Apple’s new product architecture to see more of the obvious potential losers, like Google’s photo organization tool Picasa, which launched its software for the Mac a day prior to the Macworld keynote address — or Animoto, which helps you create photo slideshows on your computer or iPhone. Yep, iPhoto ‘09 covers this all.

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