Who Needs Flash? CBS Prepares HTML5 Player for iPad

by admin March 25, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Maybe Apple was right… if it can convince enough key players to adopt HTML5

The good news for HTML5 advocates is that Apple’s iPad for better or worse may finally push the format into the mainstream, which could eventually displace proprietary formats like Flash and Silverlight. The bad news is that Apple has pushed a version of HTML5 that uses another proprietary format — H.264.

This week observers discovered that the CBS.com homepage contained some suspicious new “iPad – test” links. Clicking these links in the desktop browser would redirect to a page with TV episodes on a Flash-driven player. If you spoofed your browser’s User Agent to think you were an iPad or used the iPad SDK Simulator, though, you were redirected to an HTML5 version of the player.

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