Why Google might want you to think it’s scared of Bing

by admin June 16, 2009 at 11:36 am

So the Googlies are, allegedly, gnashing and wailing.

Their ears, their nostrils, even their fully formed eyebrows are twitching beyond all human control.

Though I am not one of those who necessarily subscribes to the idea that Googlies ever have extreme emotions, the rumor is that they are in a fizzy tizzy. Because of Bing, the new search fragrance from Microsoft.

According to a report, Google’s Sergey Brin has ordered some of his finest brains to take Bing apart as if it were a secretly smuggled advance exemplar of the Palm Pre.

He wants to know how it thinks. He wants to know who its friends are. He wants its very innards examined for performance-enhancing algorithms.

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