WinBackup 1.86

by admin April 6, 2006 at 4:16 am

The award-winning WinBackup remains the obvious choice for home users and small and medium sized businesses alike. As one of the most efficient and reliable backup solutions available, WinBackup guarantees 100% accuracy of restores.

Key benefits

Exceptionally simple to use
Featuring a Windows-familiar user-friendly interface and highly intuitive icons, WinBackup 1.86 makes it extremely easy to set up and run regular backups, and restore your data with the least effort.

Peace of mind and complete reliability
Rely completely on WinBackup for full protection if and when things go wrong.WinBackup guarantees that all valuable business data is backed up since it has the appropriate mecchanisms to verify its integrity.

Proven performance and superior speed
WinBackup 1.86 leverages proprietary technology to build a backup and recovery management solution that is among the fastest on the market.Backup and restore speeds are optimised to guarantee a solution that saves time and money.

Extensive Set of features
With WinBackup can rely on an extensive set of powerful features awarded only by enterprise level software.

Wide Array of Backup and Media Services
WinBackup guarantees that notebooks and desktops are backed up to any chosen media so that all data and applications are fully recoverable with 100% accuracy.

100% Unlimited & Unrestricted

Download: WinBackup 1.86