WinCatalog Light 2.3

by admin April 7, 2008 at 10:15 pm

WinCatalog Light is a friendly and easy-to-use program for cataloging disks, folders and files.

Have you ever had to look through dozens of CDs, trying to find some file or song?

With WinCatalog Light you will never have to waste your time again. Process your CDs with WinCatalog Light just once and from this moment on finding you will be able to find any file in a few seconds without the need to insert the disk in the drive!

WinCatalog Light keeps in its database information about all files stored on your removable media.

It can extract tags from MP3, HTML files and even retrieve Audio CD track names from the Internet.

There is one more problem that is too familiar to many of us: some people tend to borrow CDs and never return them unless they are reminded to do so.

WinCatalog Light can help you solve this problem: it features a built-in contacts manager that lets you easily track whom you have given any disk to.

If you are just starting to catalog your removable media, then WinCatalog Light is perfect for you.

Download: WinCatalog Light 2.3