Windows 7 Editions Compared, With Table of Features

by admin February 9, 2009 at 7:22 pm

When Windows Vista first came out, there were many complaints about its price. Then there were complaints about how Media Center was included in Vista Home Premium, but missing from the more expensive Business Edition.

Compatibility problems and misleading hardware specification led to Microsoft being sued over its “Vista Capable” labeling.

Microsoft claims to have learned from the Vista experience. “We broke a lot of things. We know that, and we know it caused you a lot of pain. It got customers thinking, hey, is Windows Vista a generation we want to get invested in?” said Brad Brooks, Corporate Vice-President for Windows Consumer Product Marketing.

With its new “Russian Doll” model of linearly progressing features, Microsoft thinks its new lineup of six editions will meet a wide range of consumer usage models. All versions of Windows 7 include Internet Explorer 8 and DirectX 11, as well as improved multi-core processing.

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