Windows 7 faster than Vista, leaps XP in single bound

by admin January 3, 2009 at 8:30 pm

Windows 7 beta 1, Vista and Windows XP have been compared in real world speed tests. Windows XP is faster than Vista but it turns out that Windows 7 is faster than both and is also capable of running on lower end hardware than Vista.

ZDnet ran some comparison tests among the operating systems which included local file transfers, network transfers, file compression, installing Office and burning discs.

The tests were run on two systems one with an AMD Phenom 9700 processor with an ATI 3850 graphics card and 4GB of memory and the other was a lower end desktop with a Pentium E2200 with a Geforce 8400GS and 1GB of memory.

Windows 7 installed faster and performed faster on both systems than either XP or Vista. The final code of Windows 7 should be even more robust and faster than the beta version. Should be does not necessarily mean it will be.

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