Windows 7 is Fastest-selling OS in History, Microsoft Posts Huge Earnings

by admin January 29, 2010 at 3:16 pm

Windows 7 marked a complete turn around for the company

A year ago Microsoft was struggling. The world’s largest software firm had built up a massive user base, but it was losing their respect. Its current (at the time) operating system Windows Vista brought many innovations, but also frustrations that led to an icy public reception. So Microsoft decided to do something unprecedented — it would allow the public to try its latest version of Windows, and then take their advice and use it to produce something people could truly get excited about.

That gamble paid off handsomely and it reversed the fortunes of struggling Microsoft, returning it to dynamic growth. Windows 7 launched in October of last year and proved a commercial smash. All the Apple commercials in the world couldn’t damper the public enthusiasm about the new operating systems. And Microsoft stepped up its own populist ads featuring average Joes and Janes experiencing (or suggesting) the improvements, fueling further growth.

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