Windows 7 RC Released: License Lasts Full Year

by admin April 30, 2009 at 6:20 pm

I think there are a great many things for which Microsoft rightly receives abuse (Internet Explorer, Vista, its numerous product SKUs) and others which are wholly unfair (Office 2007, Vista + Service Pack, XP on netbooks) and then there’s one where it looks like genuine praise should be handed out: Windows 7.

Today sees the Release Candidate of the next generation OS rolled out to MSDN and TechNet professionals (consumers get it 5 May/via Bittorent now) and there’s one very pleasant surprise: the license will last more than year!

That’s right, unlike the current beta which expires at the end of August, Windows 7 RC will happily run on a user’s machine until 1 June 2010 – a monumentally long trial period for any perspective buyer.

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