Windows attack code released

by admin November 17, 2006 at 11:20 am

Computer code that exploits a “critical” Windows 2000 vulnerability has been released on the internet, increasing the likelihood of attacks, experts warned on Thursday.

The code takes advantage of a security hole in a key operating system component that routes file system and print requests called the “Workstation Service”. On Windows 2000 systems, the flaw could be exploited via the net by an anonymous attacker without any user interaction, raising the possibility of the arrival of a Zotob-like worm.

“Somebody could write a piece of code that targets Windows 2000, and that replicates itself, and then you would have a worm go around the internet,” said Monty IJzerman, senior manager in McAfee’s Global Threat Group.

The public release of the exploit code comes only two days after Microsoft provided a fix for the flaw. That means that many vulnerable systems might still be unpatched. While Windows 2000 is an older operating system, it is still broadly used, primarily in businesses, said vulnerability management company Qualys.

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