Windows DreamScene Technical Preview

by admin February 16, 2007 at 11:50 am

Windows DreamScene Technical Preview is live!

This is the Extra that provides the functionality for you to select videos as your Windows desktop background, as demonstrated at CES. The new video feature requires a Windows Vista Ultimate-based computer that supports Windows Aero, but this Extra also offers new positioning options for all Windows Vista Ultimate-based computers, for both video and still images: new options that allow you to fit an image to your screen while preserving aspect ratio. In non-technical terms, this means you can fill your screen with an image of your cat, dog, child, or parent without distorting him or her like a fun-house mirror.

The fine print: We want to repeat that the final release is still to come. In Windows Update, this pre-release version is called Windows DreamScene Preview to highlight that this is not the final release. This release may not be appropriate for all users. Certainly (as with any unfinished software!) you should install this only on computers meant for testing.

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