Windows fix in patch of bother

by admin April 18, 2006 at 6:28 am

With HP and Kerio…

A “critical” Windows patch can cause trouble on computers that run certain HP photo-sharing software or the Kerio firewall, Microsoft said.

The MS06-015 patch, designed to plug a flaw in Windows Explorer, can cause a myriad of problems for users of HP printers, scanners and digital cameras, Microsoft said in an article on its support website. People with Sunbelt Software’s Kerio Personal Firewall will also notice that Windows no longer works as it should after applying the fix, Microsoft said.

The problems include being unable to access or save files in special folders like “My Documents” and “My Pictures”, and unresponsive Office applications, Microsoft said. Other issues include applications that crash after trying to open a file; no response after typing an address into Internet Explorer’s address bar; and no effect after right-clicking on a file and selecting “Send To”, Microsoft said.

While designed to fix a security issue in Windows Explorer, the patch can actually also impair that specific Windows feature. Clicking on the “plus” sign beside a folder in the file browser may have no effect, Microsoft said. That action should expand the directory tree.

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