Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7 1.0

by admin October 16, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) is a Help program that has been included with Microsoft Windows versions starting with the Microsoft Windows 3.1 operating system. However, the Windows Help program has not had a major update for many releases and no longer meets Microsoft’s standards. Therefore, starting with the release of Windows Vista and continuing in Windows 7, the Windows Help program will not ship as a feature of Windows. If you want to view 32-bit .hlp files, you must download and install the program (WinHlp32.exe) from the Microsoft Download Center.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7; Windows 7 Starter
The Windows Help program is available for Windows 7 only.

Download: Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7 1.0