Windows Powertools 4.0

by admin December 11, 2007 at 2:49 pm

Windows Powertools is a set of tools to speed up your pc. You can clear unwanted cache,check and resolve drive errors,defragment,compress drives,convert partitions etc. Version 4.0 now sports a GUI and has added a new powertool called ConvertIMG to convert multiple images simultaneously. Its main features are :

• Cache2Trash:Clear unwanted temporary files to gain space
• DiskCheck: Check for disk errors and resolve them
• FAT2NTFS:Convert your partitions to NTFS
• Kompressor:Compress Hard Drives.
• ConvertIMG:Convert multiple images simultaneously at high speeds.
• Defrag:Analyze and Defragment hard drives

PLUS Easy access to 10 little known but powerful utilities.

Download: Windows Powertools 4.0