Windows Sidebar Styler 2.0.6

by admin August 16, 2007 at 12:30 pm

Windows Sidebar Styler is an application designed to allow Windows Vista users to tweak the Sidebar’s User Interface. In addition to the normal, resource-related view, the application provides a preview mode where the user can see what the Sidebar would look like if the style is applied (it works provided that Sidebar is available and loaded).

Implemented is support for WsStyles files that let you create style files and share them with other users easily.

An automatic back-up file is always created before applying a style so that an earlier version of the executable can be restored.

Note: In Windows Vista you might have to take ownership of %ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\Sidebar.exe and give your user account full control over the file, even though testers have confirmed that the application does it automatically.

Download: Windows Sidebar Styler 2.0.6