Winlaunch 4.0 Build 1320

by admin July 1, 2008 at 12:58 pm

Winlaunch 4.0 Beta 2 is a global shortcut program that allows you to launch programs, documents, folders, websites, emails, control applets and commands by pressing any custom-built assigned shortcut key combination ( for example, Ctrl+F1 could open your default web browser). Shortcut keys work anywhere within Windows, but ‘Exceptions’ prevent them from working if you are using another application, such as Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer, which can also be set to ‘Learn’ as you use your computer, enabling you to set them up more easily. Winlaunch offers all these features in an easy to use environment, allowing you to add shortcuts easily and manage your shortcuts and exceptions within grouped listings, making them easier to manage.

Drag and Drop support from Windows Explorer is fully supported, allowing you to add your shortcuts more efficiently as you use your computer. Reports are generated for shortcuts that are successfully and unsuccessfully launched, while showing a launch confirmation tooltip by the system tray for all shortcuts successfully launched. Run time editing on shortcuts is supported and the ability to disable shortcuts that are not needed, removing the need to delete them.

Download: Winlaunch 4.0 Build 1320