WinVorbis 1.62

by admin October 2, 2008 at 10:14 pm

Multi-file Ogg Vorbis Comment Editor/Encoder for Windows & Linux

WinVorbis & Vorbix are free graphical front-ends for VorbisComment, OggEnc, OggDec, & VorbisGain

WinVorbis is a free OGG Vorbis encoder/tagger utility. Encodes from WAV, RAW, AIFF, and APE (Monkey’s Audio). Ogg Vorbis provides better sound quality audio files than MP3.

WinVorbis/Vorbix does not fully support multiple stream Ogg files. Only comment tags in the first stream will be read, and all others will be deleted when the file is saved. Multiple stream files will also show an incorrect duration and average bitrate on the File Info tab. These files should be quite rare and only likely to come from capturing an OGG broadcast stream, or concatenating multiple ogg files.

This software is freeware and may be freely distributed.

Download: WinVorbis 1.62